Public Jetties

East St - East Fremantle

Left Bank - East Fremantle

Aquarama - East Fremantle (home)

Bicton Baths - Bicton

Green Place - Mosman Park

Mosman Park

Peppermint Grove


Point Walter

Barrack St - Perth

South Perth

Claisbrooke Inlet - East Perth


Raffles - Applecross

Jo Jo’s - Nedlands

Private Jetties

Red Herring - East Fremantle

Pier 21 - North Fremantle

Swan Yacht Club - East Fremantle

East Fremantle Yach Club

Freshwater Bay Yacht Club - Peppermint Grove

Royal Perth Yacht Club - Nedlands

South of Perth Yacht Club

Flying Squadron Yacht Club

Waters Edge - Guildford

Caversham house - Swan Valley

Sandalford Winery - Swan Valley

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Vlaming can access many Jetty structures along the Swan, Upper Swan and Canning rivers. Private Jetty’s will require permission; provided you are a customer of the venue this is usually granted. You will also need to book the arrival time with the associated venue to ensure the Jetty is available at your required time. Below is a list of popular Jetty access points used by Vlaming.